Are you ready to live a turned on and tuned in life?

The Rooted Method is the rewilding bridge that helps you remember that you are your best intuitive guide. Through our nature workshops, retreats and festival we bring you closer to the home within yourself. If you step outside with us into our non-confrontational, non-intimidating environment, you will unlock the tools to feel rooted in mind, body, and spirit.

Your Brain On Nature


Backpackers and Campers scored 50 percent better on a creativity test after spending four days in nature disconnected from electronic devices, according to this 2011 pilot study.

“One of the underappreciated benefits of venturing into remote landscapes is that we are often thrown into connecting with each other.”
— Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix

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"Lost with the advance of civilization was our long-standing ability to enter into nature-induced non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purpose of healing, revelation, and connectedness with the natural world.”
— Chellis Glendinning, author of I’m In Recovery From Western Civilization

U-M psychology researchers found memory performance and attention spans improved by 20 percent after people spent an hour interacting with nature.

Upcoming Experiences

Feeling too connected to your social apps? Come join us on a rewild experience so you can feel more connected than ever.