Who are we?

Our mission is to bring groups of humans together so we can lead more resilient and connected lives. The Rooted Method is a service business that provides nature-based programming and education for our clients and community through our Rewild Festival, private events and outdoor retreats. Based in Austin, we offer our experiences primarily in Texas and Idaho with international retreats planned for 2019 and beyond.

We are not a backpacking business or outdoor outfitter. Nor are we exercise coaches or guides for adventure junkies. The Rooted Method is the rewilding bridge that helps you remember that you are your best intuitive guide. If you step outside with us into our non-confrontational, non-intimidating environment, you will unlock the tools to feel rooted in mind, body, and spirit.

Why do you need this?

We are overstressed, oversaturated, overstimulated.

We are overstressed, oversaturated, overstimulated. People report feeling lonely, disconnected, and in need of belonging more than ever. With breakneck advancements in technology, we’re addicted to being entertained and escaping from the hardships and challenges life inevitably throws our way.

Practicing resilience will be one of the most essential tools of the 21st century, says Yuval Noah Narri, author of the New York Times bestseller Sapiens. We believe that, too. We also believe you already possess those tools and so many more--you just forgot somewhere along the way. Through rewilding in nature, and fully digesting its principles and wisdom, we can lead you back to your roots. Remember, the best guide through life’s journeys is you.

Who do we serve?

We believe nature has something to teach everyone. Maybe you’re the techpruener or freelance worker who sits behind a computer all day. Maybe you’re the organization or team that wants better trust and communication all the way from your C-suite executives down to your interns. Maybe you’re looking for meaningful group experiences that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Maybe you want to learn more about rewilding. Maybe you’ve had trauma in your life and want tactile healing outside of medications and self-help books. Or maybe you just want some more friends who play in nature, too.

Whether this describes you or not, know that nature doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. All are welcome, so long as they’re willing to get their feet muddy once in a while.

Cristina - Founder of The Rooted Method


Hi there! I’m chief nature officer of The Rooted Method! Thank you for being here. Nature has always been the most centering theme in my life. It guided my professional career as an outdoor educator and trainer and in trying times. It’s guided me in my deep relationship with community and my spirit. Ultimately, what the outdoors has taught me is that everything is unfolding in life as it should be. Every deeper experience with nature helped me feel more connected and in-tune with every living thing around me.  

Whether it was organizing outdoor groups in Montana, fly-fishing in Idaho, solo-backpacking in Alaska, or camping on the Great Wall of China, I found healing that I didn’t even know I was looking for. Those moments, and many more, rewilded me and showed that I was whole just the way I was. I want other people to feel the collective belonging we all deserve and need. I found that through nature and believe you can, too.

Curcuma - The Food Behind Our Experiences


Almost two years ago the stars aligned so me (Cristina) and Rachel, the owner of Curcuma, met through a business community in Austin. We mutually bonded over nature, plant-based food and creating magical group experiences for our community. Real food is a central theme in both of our lives and we’ve loved bringing Curcuma to the outdoor kitchen! To read more about Curcuma, click here!

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Bridgette - Assistant Magic Maker

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I met Bridgette at a workshop and had an immediate feeling she was going to assist me in some way with The Rooted Method. You can find her helping me on a retreat or workshop or on her mountain bike around Austin. I can honestly say that in Bridgette, I have found another sister who enjoys outdoor experiences just as much as I do. She is a fabulous nutritional therapy practitioner and has helped dozens of people heal their lives through food. You can read more about her work here!