Some of my first memories of life  are of the fields of West Texas. My grandfather used to show  me how to spot the birds, how to listen to the sound of the wind and how to be still while watching the sunsets. From those early moments, nature has been a constant in my life. Whether it was hiking in Idaho, fishing in Colorado or organizing tours in national parks , I was always seeking an opportunity to connect with the outdoors. Throughout my career as a trainer, outdoor guide and nutrition coach, I started to see a trend among my clients, peers and family members. As a community, we are tech drunk, overstimulated and disconnected from our roots in the outdoors. This is where the idea of The Rooted Method came in. 

It is our mission to provide you with a space, a group and the energy to not only enjoy camping but also learn new educational skills that will lead to a more resilient and fulfilled life. In this community we encourage you to come as you are, messy or not. Our team wants to provide you with meaningful and energetic hiking  experiences, both in our Austin community groups and corporate retreats.  

See you on the trails,



Founder of The Rooted Method