Failure is Just Market Research

What did you fail at today?

Spanx founder, Sara Blakely was asked this question by her father at the dinner table growing and she attributes this practice as a breeding ground for her success.  Before starting her global empire, she endured almost a decade of people saying no to her as a sales rep for Xerox machines.

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Dog Friendly Hikes Around Austin (On and Off-Leash)

Tail wags (or butt wiggles) vigorously with excitement. Tongue is out, smile wide, eyes bright. Your furry friend prances around with eager anticipation. You’ve just announced it’s time for a w-a-l-k. But where do you take your favorite four-legged pal?

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The Dirt on Female Hygiene in the Backcountry

I recently spent 9 days hiking in Northern Washington.  Nine amazing days exploring the northern cascades, following rivers, camping in a new spot every night, walking ridge lines, sitting by the camp fire and being adequately prepared so I wouldn't get a UTI. 

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