Cycles of Transformation: The Journey

The journey of life, as you know, is just that: a journey. It’s not a means to an end, a win or lose. It’s a process with seasons and phases, ups and downs, all occurring at every moment, propelling you towards the next version of reality. When we can put forth some effort, inputs here, and awareness of the path, it helps us to manifest our ideal lives. This ideal life changes of course over time, but it’s current version lives in our spirit. The spirit, in other words, holds our vision of higher living, a healthier, more magnetic, and abundant version of reality. 

Throughout the journey, we must stay connected to the spirit in order to manifest what it holds. Before we take off into exploring life’s seasons, it’s important to have some practices in our tool kit that keep us connected to what we truly want. The reason for this is that there are a ton of things that can distract us from our spirit. Monotonous jobs, stressful family situations, and hardship (really of any kind) takes over our, distancing us from the intentions we set. Some avenues for calling the spirit to the forefront of our minds include practices of centering, expanding, and engaging with community. 

CENTER: Centering is the most direct means of connecting with the spirit. It’s a literal call upon all that the spirit holds: wants, intentions, lessons learned, affirmations, magnetism. By participating in centering practices such as meditation, we reconnect with all the things we’ve imagined for our ideal selves. 

EXPAND: Expanding is how we accumulate more knowledge of what’s possible. Reading this blog is expansion, having new conversations with different people is expansion, going outside your comfort zone, etc. One word to describe the verb of expansion is adventure. By seeking new adventures, we expose ourselves to opportunities for more learning, more growth, and therefore an accumulation of awesome things to bank for your ideal self -- your spirit. 

CONNECTION: Connection is third vessel for summoning the spirit. Gathering in community provides validation for the things you seek and a general reassurance in the journey. By connecting with peers, we see ourselves in those we admire and become energetically involved with the frequency of our ideal selves. 

These three things are accessible to us at all times and should be used when feelings of hopelessness, obscurity, or insecurity begin to creep in. 

Need help getting started or more clarity about the journey? A good launching pad for practicing these things is our upcoming Rewild Festival. A two-day outdoor event hosted on October 12th-13th, participants can engage in diverse experiences that bring them closer to their ideal version of self. With workshops, musical guests, group meditations, and much more, we provide individuals with a multi-sensory experience to ground them in mind, body, and spirit. Click here to learn more and purchase tickets. 


Immersing ourselves in all the avenues of spiritual awakening, we grow that much closer to achieving the life that we’ve always envisioned for ourselves. Through meditative experiences we can return to our soul and bring our intentions into focus. Adventure provides opportunities for growth, and by connecting with our community we embed our new sense of self. Prepare to make the most of the coming periods of change by incorporating practices of centering, expanding, and connecting and kick off the journey with the Austin Rewild Festival this weekend. 

Cristina SchoolerComment