How to stay sane in the entrepreneurial roller- coaster

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Last week after coming home from an incredible three day adventure retreat in a remote part of Texas, I cried. A lot. Not the soft cry of tears rolling down my face, but the big inhale, exhale dry heaving kind. The holding a pillow and shaking kind. I didn’t quite understand why I was sobbing so hard. Everything went so well and we had a great time.

Oh that’s right. I'm an entrepreneur and am riding along the emotional rollercoaster.

My boyfriend held me and said all of the wonderful things thoughtful partners say. I felt disconnected from myself. Disconnected from anyone and everyone in this moment. I was happy but exhausted. Tired. Overwhelmed. Unsure and Scared.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might resonate or experienced a similar situation. I call entrepreneurship a game because if you’re not careful and check in with yourself, you might feel like it's winning against you. Those who enter this world the challenge and expect struggles along the way. However, at times your very sanity may seem to be slipping through your fingertips.

Running your own show  can sometimes feel like a threat to your safety.

But remember: You deserve to feel good in your business. 

In those intensely personal and challenging moments, I like to remember a few key points that bring me back to sanity and peace.

1. No one has ever or will ever deliver my unique sense of passion.

How cool is that? Every single person on this planet has the ability to offer something that no one else can. Own that. Celebrate it.

2. Reflection

I look back at my journals. Journaling over the last ten months has been the biggest blessing. Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you have come from day to day. Record your honest thoughts feelings and success over time, no matter how small.

3.  Tune in

You will constantly receive mixed messages from your clients, family, friends, groups about how to run your business. Your intuition is so damn powerful. Listen to that feeling in your gut. Deep down you know the actions that are right for you and the well being of your business.

4. Nature

My most tried and true source of calm. When I get deep in my head, I think about the mountains. I think about the rivers. The sunsets. Of all of the beauty and abundance in this world that we get to experience. At the end of  every single day I can always rely on having nature as my healer, guide and source of bounty.

5. Money is not the only form of success

Let me repeat that. Money is just an object we attach meaning to. If you don't address it in the face, it will consume your life.

I’m going to be straight with you all. 

This one has been the hardest obstacle to overcome this past year.  I had to do some deep work around detaching my success from my income. It’s still a work in progress but I can honestly say that when you work on this, the dams collapse and the river flows anew. Get real with money. Spend time developing your relationship with it.

It’s easy to become tied to your business like a lifeline. It may feel like an extension of you. It is not. I’d rather be making a whole lot less income and staying true to my values rather than making a whole lot of money and diverging from what I believe in. I believe that when we truly are in our element, the rest follows.

Maybe some or none of these resonate with you and that’s ok. Find ways to bring yourself back to calm and sanity. Consistently find practices to remind yourself of your genuine value, worth and magic.

Stay wild, 





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