Why did I start Gaia's Compass?

Why did I create this transformational program for women in Austin?

Because It’s everything I wish I had had and everything I see that women actually need to feel normal, safe, empowered and abundant in their lives.

For more than six years, I’ve been in the personal development and wellness world and I’ve seen it all. As a modern woman seeking an intention way of life amidst all the noise, what is the way you meet your emotional, spiritual, business and community needs without feeling crazy, isolated or lost?

Join an aligned group of women. Meet with them consistently and over a long period of time. Share and exchange ideas. Learn new ways of being in your gifts. Move your bodies together in nature. Adventure together. Support one another.


This is what Gaia’s Compass is. It’s a transformative group mentorship program where all your needs are met so you can unlock your divine feminine codes. If you haven’t notice yet, our world is radically shifting in this Aquarian age and there are so many gifts waiting for us if we know how to tap into our ancient connections to nature, sisterhood and ancient universal codes.

We meet in person and online. We tap into rituals and you are held accountable. You get to share and ask each other questions. It’s designed with flexibility so you can show up or as little as you like. And I’m going to hold big space for each woman.

It’s a container for soul centered, sober curious goddesses who want to up level and live with purpose, passion and prosperity.

The programming of this six- month journey will radically shift what you think is possible or how you feel, how much abundance you attract, how you make new habits stick, and how you relate to the natural world around you.

We are approaching a new season with the fall equinox just around the corner. What if you could quantum leap shift everything for yourself by committing to something greater than your fear of what is stopping you?

Spots are filling up ! if you are a woman in Austin, click here to book a quick call with me to see if you are the right fit for this container!