Cycles of Transformation: Welcome

Life on earth is cyclical. In the same way that our planet experiences seasons, our journey as humans unfolds over periods of time. Much like the summer expresses itself in nature, we embrace a full bloom and period of elevated vitality, which fertilizes our autumnal harvest -- a time for reflection and gratitude. Winter, in the natural world, offers a moment of quiet and release. What follows, of course, is the rebirth of a transformed self in Spring, energetic and illuminated. 

In this series we will take a mindful look at how our experience parallels that of nature. Beginning with a bird’s eye view of the journey itself. We’ll then follow up with an in-depth look at each period's unique qualities through the lens of its corresponding element: Fall as it relates to Earth, Winter as it relates to Water, Spring as Air, and Fire as Summer. Throughout this conscious uncovering we offer:

  • Ways to prepare for and embrace each period

  • An anecdote of how this period relates to everyday life - in particular, that of our founder Cristina

  • Tools for lunar intention setting in order to optimize our connection

  • And, a list of events for gathering and integrating change

At the end of this series we’ll offer a closing ceremony that includes key takeaways and affirmations for growth, both in-person and in the form of online resources. 


To make all of this easy, we‘ve created a monthly

tarot card that helps you keep track of when to set

which intentions, dates on the moon cycle, and

opportunities to gather with our community. We

know it can be tough to keep these things top of

mind and figure the best way to stay in-tune with

your practice is to have a friend throughout the

process. Thus, we provide two tarot cards in every

month’s delivery so that you can invite a friend to

join in on the journey. Sign up here to start

receiving yours now.