Rooted Retreat in South Llano River State Park!

Last weekend we headed to South Llano River State Park, a hidden gem filled with one of the best spots in Texas for fall foliage and Texas wildlife.  During our two day adventure we saw armadillos, texas warblers, rabbits, turtles and red robbins. We hiked a total of six miles and swam in the Llano river. 

We arrived in the park around 11am on Saturday  checked in the campsite and made our way to the walk-in site near the entrance. What I love about walk in sites is how quiet they are. By only walking a few extra hundred feet you get a lot of seclusion. 


A good portion of the  food on our retreats is provided by the food truck Curcuma, in Austin. This plant-based food truck provides incredible meals to satisfy your palette and your gut! Over the weekend we had  roasted eggplant salad, wheat berry stew, homemade date snacks and their famous numeric golden milk! Needless to say, we had some very happy campers and some jealous onlookers admiring our feast! 


After eating lunch, we headed out on a 2.5 mile fawn trail loop. This loop was incredible as we saw lots of armadillos, vegetation, birds and turkeys! Here and there you would see the bright yellow and orange trees against the backdrop of green. 


Late afternoon, we read and napped on our blankets and pillows right in the middle of camp. Lounging and journaling amongst the trees, without wifi, is one of the greatest feelings. On my retreats, I encourage everyone to either give me their phones or put their phones on airplane mode as to fully immerse their minds in the healing benefits of nature. Even just 24 hours away from screens radically changes the capabilities of your brain's focus, creativity and executive function. 


In the early evening we took a one mile hike to the highest point in the park where we did meditation and witnessed those incredible pink and purple Texas skies. Deep breathing in the hill country makes you feel proud to be a Texan!  After sunset hiking we traveled back to camp where we lounged around the campfire and had thoughtful discussion about each person's goals, challenges in one area of their life. We use a round table discussion and are open about giving each other constructive feedback, support and praise. 

It couldn't have been a clearer night for star gazing. Everyone got to keep their tent flies open to watch the stars and the clouds were making ribbons amongst the sky, almost like a painter grabbed white and just painted white streaks on top of the clouds. 

The next morning after packing up our things, we headed out for a short hike around the lake and spent some time sitting in the bird blinds. It didn't take us long to see some beautiful Red Robbins in this sanctuary for birds. 

The ending of a retreat weekend just gets me looking forward to the next one! Our next hiking retreat will be in December to Enchanted Rock State Park! This is an all women's hike so if you've been looking for a group of women in the Austin area to hike with, come along with us! 

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Stay wild,