Polar Plunging and Cave Exploration in Garner State Park

Two weeks ago Rooted Retreats ventured to Garner State Park.  Our weekend was filled with cave exploring, hiking to Baldy summit, polar plunging in the Frio River, nourishing our bodies with food provided by Curcuma, and thoughtful discussions by the campfire. Hope you enjoy some of the pictured high lights from our weekend! 

All of the pictures you see below were captured by the amazing owner of Reel Texas Productions, Katherine. 


Shortly after arriving on Saturday we hiked up to Baldy peak, the highest point in the park. From this view we spent some time doing guided meditation and visualizing our best selves. 


In the evening we enjoyed a gourmet picnic with food provided by Curcuma. On our menu were cacao cake balls, fresh quinoa salad, mushroom frittatas, carrot ginger soup and dandelion dip! All of the food that Curcuma provides especially for us  is gluten, dairy and soy-free and 100% nourishing for your body. The highlight was having their famous tumeric goldyn milk by the fire! It is my goal on my retreats for us to have gourmet food even if we are in the wilderness!

DSC00324-1 (1).jpg

Early the next morning, with frost still covering the ground,  we enjoyed fresh bacon, eggs, greek yogurt and tahini granola with blueberries! While most of our food is plant based, we still provide a few animal products to give our clients a range of preferences. 


Our second day was filled with three shorter hikes, one to a crystal cave, one along the river and one amongst the magical cyprus tree you see pictured. We all kept saying we felt like we were in The Lord of The Rings shire with the roots twisting and turning in all sorts of ways. 


The highlight of the trip was doing a polar plunge in the Frio River. This body of water is almost indescribabley turquoise which made us feel like we were in a tropical paradise.


One of my favorite parts of our retreats are the guided discussion portions. I give everyone journals on these trips in order to document their feelings and insights throughout their weekend. Every evening we also have topics discusses as a group on subjects related to health, wellness, spirituality, goals, struggles and more. This weekend we spent a lot of time discussing the importance of nature experiences in the work force and how getting away for a few days really does create more peace in our lives. Part of my intention with journaling is because it's very common to have profound breakthroughs or thoughts when your in the outdoors, unplugged for a few days. 

It was about a year and a half ago when I was in the woods journaling when I had the initial idea for Rooted Retreats! 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and get on some trails wherever you may be!

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