Simple Rituals to Help you Tune Into Nature

You are capable of re-attuning yourself to this most sacred part of life….

If you are knew to tuning in, you might feel skeptical and be thinking to yourself.. “ Can a deeper relationship with nature really feel that calm, connected and magical?”

Remember this, our bodies are wired to be in nature. It’s in our DNA to help one another in nature. For thousands of years, cultures from around the planet have had a symbiotic relationship with nature, have felt her time and time again. 

Developing a much deeper relationship and understanding of mother earth is like exercising a muscle- the more you do it, the more you feel it.

I’ve gathered some of my best practices that have really helped me and my clients along the way. 

 Start talking to the Nature around you 

Did you know that plants and trees can feel, hear, see and smell? If you treat them nicely, they treat you nicely back. If you’ve never done this before, you can simply start by waking up each day and saying something like “ good morning!” or “Thank You for helping me”. As you pass them outside or water them in your home, just bring their conscious awareness when you remember. 

 Meditate in Nature

Take your practice outside as much as possible. This can simply be on your porch or balcony if you live in the city. Whether that’s a walking meditation, a guided one on your phone or just sitting, that frequency in your brain of calmness is amplified even more. 

 Gather with Friends and Family in Nature. I’m sure each of you can recall a time of pure bliss when playing with your family outside.Well, it’s no wonder because the closer ties we have with humans AND the outdoors the more we can REALLY  connect. When we are helping each other and moving forward together outdoors, this locks a special mechanism in our brain that allows for a deep belonging. The more you access that sense of belonging, the more a-tune you will feel. Your whole body might feel the best it’s ever felt after a few days in nature with friends. 

Make an offering or altar

Remember we have a symbiotic relationship with nature, we have to honor, protect and commune together with nature in order to truly live an abundant, connected and in-tune life. In your apartment, home, farm, forest bed, wherever you call home, find a few of your favorite nature elements. This could be rocks, crystals, feathers, plants, sacred water, sticks, leaves, really anything that has ever had meaning for you. Set them up in a small  corner of your home and start with spending just a few minutes each day sitting with these elements and offering them back to nature. Light some incense, breathe really deep and thank that force-giving life that gives you so much. 

Find a simple breath practice you can use everyday

When we breathe from moment to moment, we aren’t using the full capacity of our lungs. You may not know what’s it’s like to breathe really deep for a few minutes. Deep breathing allows our Nervous System to relax in our whole body. It is a WHOLE body relaxation. And when your whole body is relaxed, the more likely you are to receive the gifts from nature. I myself and many of my peers have deeply felt mother nature by developing a consistent breathing practice. Remember, this doesn’t mean you start with breathing for 10 minutes, this week just try your own breathing practice for 30 seconds. Can you do 30 seconds of deep breathing? I know you can.

Honor the cycles of life 

Remember the seasons. Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer. They don’t just exist for our food or nature. They are crucial for our bodies and minds as well. Whether you are a man or woman, we are wired to live more in cycles. There once was a time when Watermelon wasn’t available in the Winter. We don’t need to always be go, go, go in our days or weeks. As we’ve all known, it lead to tremendous imbalance in our minds and bodies. Here are some ways you can start looking at the areas in your life in a cycling manner: 

  • eating seasonally

  • moving seasonally

  • tracking your menstrual cycle ( one of my favorites!)

  • identifying the plants in your area

  • If you are a woman, start tracking your cycle

  • Planning your business seasonally

  • Structuring family time activities

When you know that nothing is permanent and we all move through cycles, a much deeper relaxation and peace comes to your life. It’s a type of peace that I didn’t know was possible until I started incorporating everything I’ve listed here a few years ago. 

Throughout this process of tuning in more to nature, I want you to be patient. 

And I want you to remember that nothing but joy, connection and purpose will be felt if you start incorporating some of these things into your life.

Remember, you deserve to feel good. You deserve to relax. And trust in that mother nature will guide you along your journey. 

Sending y'all one giant hug, I feel like I’m sitting with you now. 

Love & Light, 


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