Rewilding + Reclaiming + Reinventing

September 30th 2019- March 28th 2020

All in the container of a sacred sisterhood. 

Gaia’s Compass is a 6 month hybrid in person and online program for women in Austin. Live in sync with nature’s rhythm. Find radical confidence, clarity and deep friendships to an aligned community. Make more money. Be supported in a sober/sober curious environment.

Together we Rise.

While this is a group program, each woman receives additional 1:1 support from me each month. Each woman joins one of two coaching tracks in the program.

Track One: You are Healer/Coach/Holistic Service Provider who wants to make more money and impact with your business.

Track Two: You want extra support in feeling more safe, calm and powerful in your body.

Each month you receive a private 60 minute call with me where we make magic happen for you.

Come back to the rich home within. 


Core Values of Gaia’s Compass

Connection to Nature 

This is the thread that connects us all. Without close connection to Mother Nature, our lives can feel fractured and less than whole. Through the food we eat, the environments we reside and the principles of cyclical living, our lives can deepen with rich meaning. We learn to live with less, appreciate more and come back to the full human experience. This program gives you both in-person connection to the Great Mother and universal laws of living a whole and high frequency life. Through hiking, exploring, primal play, earthing and circling, we will all connect back to the cycles of life.

Connection to Community 

What if finding your aligned community was your superpower? We evolved to support each other and work towards a common goal. With the rise of technology and distractions it is more important than ever to seek out consistent, aligned community connection. Gain feedback, insight, inspiration, play and love with your rewild group along the journey. Through both in-person and online gatherings find your soul medicine by receiving from like-minded women.

Connection to Mindset 

Our thoughts, feelings and perceptions can control our lives. Outwardly our lives may look perfect but none of it matters if the thoughts inside our heads rage with negativity. This journey will help reprogram your thoughts, slow down your nervous system and create new neural pathways to support a calmer and more in tune way of living. Through meditation, visualization, breathwork and the shamanic journey we will open up your mind to portals and pathways and connections to lead a more abundant, in tune and relaxed life.


What You Will Learn & Experience 

  • Clearing Energetic Space in your home and work

  • Creating sacred rituals

  • Foundational herbs and plants for an optimal gut

  • Moon Tuning 

  • Breathwork for energy, expansion and relaxation

  • Learning my signature sales process for other light works/healers/service providers

  • Finding altered states of consciousness through journeying

  • Embodying prosperity frequency more more money and ease for asking for what you are worth.  

  • Moon Medicine Practices

  • In person integrations in Austin each month of the program

  • Free participation  in the Austin Rewild Festival- October 12th-13th

  • Primal Play for joyful living

  • An optional four day rewild retreat add on in west Texas with your sisters

  • Radical Expression and Creating a Life Mission Statements

  • Body freedom and deep relaxation states 

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The Outcome of Participating in this Course

Learn the foundations of cyclical living for the feminine rhythm

  • So you can feel confident, safe and calm in each phase of the month

Participate in an energetic & space clearing

  • So you have more space to allow your desires in

Learn how to tap into the ever -flowing and abundant energy source of Mother Nature

  • So you can create a foundation of prosperity, power and purpose in your life 

Change the stories you tell about yourself and the world 

  • So you can live your life to the fullest expression and meaning that is right for your unique rhythm.  

Gain clarity on your life’s purpose and connect deeper to your soul’s mission

  • So you can approach each task, each day, each challenge with more conviction and harmony 

Connect with life-long sisters with similar values and lifestyle goals

  • So you can be a part of the heartbeat of the tribe, be inspired  and connected by a group that has similar values as you. Remember, we are meant to move and live in community. 

Develop a consistent meditation practice unique to your lifestyle

  • So you can change the quality of your days. Only when we approach each morning in stillness with the great spirit do we create lasting peace in our lives.

Learn how to use your sensitivity and intuition as your greatest superpowers 

  • So you can trust yourself fully, live in radical expression and boldly show up for your life.

Gather in our monthly in person integration experiences in Austin

  • So you can receive and reclaim a sacred soul medicine 

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Here’s what people are saying about The Rooted Method

You have changed my life, first and foremost.I could not imagine where I would be if I did not meet you. You’ve guided me back to where I’ve always been longing to be, rooted within myself. For so long I’ve been searching outside of myself for people to tell me how to be, for relationships to fulfill me and for things to fulfill me and distract me. And then you glided so elegantly into my life and tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me, “no, no look within.
— Brooke
She did a great job at reading the group and making sure everyone was taken care of, and made it easy for everyone to be themselves. I Highly recommend these experiences and programs to anyone.
— Samara
Cristina is the most passionate and knowledgeable guide I have ever had, which made the whole experience both rewarding and carefree. She does a great job of reading her group and catering to their needs. Our retreat was the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation and connection to mother nature.
— Drew
Cristina has truly created something magical here. The experiences she has curated allow you to connect with nature and feel more comfortable in the GREAT outdoors. I cannot wait to go on another adventure with her.
— Crystal
Cristina/ The Rooted Method hosted such an amazing weekend with the Rewild Festival. She really knows how to create an environment that teaches you the importance of our connection with nature for overall health and a thriving life. I learned so much about self sustainability, backpacking/camping skills, resiliency, outdoor play and how nature gives us all that we need.
— Bridgette
I felt so loved. I truly appreciated the support that Cristina provided both in the form of facilitating each of the outings, but also in delivering information in such a genuinely caring way.
— Lindsay