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Desert Dreams in West, Texas

The far reaches of West, Texas is home to some of the wildest territories in The United States. It's no surprise that artists, dreamers, and adventurers have been pulled to this magnetic part of the world. 

 West, Texas feels like teleporting into a completely different era. Vast rocky terrains the color of that UT brownish-orange covered with how-did-they-get-there plants and formations that remind you these surfaces literally used to be the bottom of the ocean.

At night, when the temperatures drop, you’ll look up and never feel closer to the stars, which coat the sky with their fluorescent glow. And it’s around this moment, you’ll think you left planet Earth and your daily life, with its demanding taxes and smartphone notifications and family obligations, and a calmness seeps into your bones. That’s the magic of Big Bend and West Texas. 

For three nights we will be camping in the park and for one evening we will be staying in a cozy air bnb in the small ghost town of Terlingua. Terlingua is what Marfa was like 10 years ago, still remaining its wild, artistic quirkiness. Oh, and it's one of Willie Nelson's favorite spots in the world. 


Quick Details:

Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Food Specially Catered by: Curcuma

Transportation: Everyone transports themselves to the park. My team gets there the day before to set up and prepare for everyone. Depending on where everyone is coming from, we can assist you with carpooling.

Prior knowledge or experience needed of any outdoor skills: NONE, this trip is designed for any level of outdoor knowledge or skills. Part of the experience is helping you gain more knowledge in the areas of nature knowledge that you are interested in!

Earlier Event: December 5
Desert Dreams in West, Texas