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Reclaiming our Wild and Mystical Roots

  • Casa De Luz 1701 Toomey Road Austin, TX, 78704 United States (map)

How do we reclaim our power and potency in an overstimulated world?


Join Cristina Schooler and Bridgette Wolleat in this intimate women’s gathering as we explore the Wild Woman Paradigm and the tools Mother Nature provides us to stay present, so we can live a life full of health, wealth, connection and peace.

To restore our confidence and clarity, we must remember our wild and mystical identity. We must remind ourselves a world exists far beyond what lies in front of us.

If we reconfigure our lives with that central truth, we can then see and feel beyond noises and distractions. Instead, we can lead from within. Don’t forget perception becomes reality and if we decide to act with abundance in our hearts and souls, our lives will be abundant in nature. The trick, of course, is learning to accept deep down that we deserve that abundance.

Through primal play, breathwork, meditation and shamanic visualization we transform into better listeners of self and the world. We start to trust more than ever and glide along the path laid out before us.

In this workshop, not only will you explore the depths of our connections, you will meet other like-minded sisters in the Austin community seeking a similar way of life.

In this experience we will cover:

  • Leading your life from spirit first

  • Breathwork for calming and energizing

  • Earthing and Grounding

  • Shamanic Visualization

  • Primal Play

  • Prosperity through presence

What happens when we incorporate these gifts into our daily life?

  • We learn to live more in flow and less in a reactive state.

  • We can lose a job and still know we have a career. We can lose money and still retain a consciousness of wealth

  • Our sense of self is repaired so we let go of illusions along our life journey

  • We start to clear out our closets so we can live fully with less

  • We learn that our spirit is bigger than our circumstances

  • We invite miracles into our everyday life

Don’t forget, you deserve a turned on, tuned in and magical life. Healthy elixirs will be provided during our evening.

August 8th: 7:00- 9:30 pm 

Location: Casa De Luz

Number of guests: 15


“You have changed my life, first and foremost.I could not imagine where I would be if I did not meet you. You've guided me back to where I've always been longing to be, rooted within myself.” - Brooke

“I felt so loved. I truly appreciated the support that Cristina provided both in the form of facilitating each of the outings, but also in delivering information in such a genuinely caring way.” - Lindsay

“Cristina and her team have truly created something magical here. The experiences she has curated allow you to connect with nature on a deep level and feel more comfortable in the GREAT outdoors. I cannot wait to go on another adventure with The Rooted Method !!- Crystal

Later Event: August 15
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