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Full Moon Ceremony & Night Walk

  • 1500 Alameda Drive Little Stacey Neighboorhood Park Austin, Tx 78704 (map)

Ready to feel the magic in everyday?

Use the portal of this full moon to experience something more fully. Take time to become more aware, expand your senses, your intuition, and reach for more beauty joy and love. What attachment that keeps you small and limited will you have to give up to reach this new level?

Scorpio represents the power of emotions, the yin power, the power of going inward, of receiving and connecting. Scorpio is about transformation, death and rebirth.

Join The rooted community on the May 18th full moon for a guided night walk, meditation and lunar circle. We will be setting intentions, discussing the moon and sharing in our sacred ritual practice of honoring this cycle of life.

Whether you are new to the moon or a seasoned circler, we invite you to this intimate experience.


Join Cristina and the rooted community on the May 18th full moon for a guided night walk, meditation and lunar circle. This is a very intimate gathering, with guided journaling, reflection and sharing. You will leave feeling light, in-tune and with easy rewind education to help you connect with the moon and mother nature’s spirit. We invite you to come gather with us, share, open up and receive the gifts of Mother Earth.

Flow of Experience:

  • short night walk to our outdoor meeting space

  • stretching and breath work to stimulate blood flow

  • guided discussion and intuition setting on the Scorpio Full Moon

  • guided journeywork

What to bring:

  • Journal

  • Blanket or mat to sit on

  • Any personal items of significant meaning in your own meditations ( i.e. crystals, photos, pieces of nature, mandalas, poetry) There is no wrong answer here!

  • Water

  • Flashlight or Headlamp

If you are a part of you can also find my rewild meet up by clicking here.

What if there is weather?

We can never predict mother nature! That being said, we will still plan to meet if there is light rain. Your safety is our number one priority and at any moment should the weather turn, we will promptly change our plans. But in keeping with nature’s message of resilience, we invite you to come, even if it may be slightly uncomfortable for you in the beginning.

Our greatest intention is to support you in the best way possible, and in so doing we need accurate numbers for each event to cultivate a deep and meaningful experience for everyone involved. Please make sure to send your venmo or PayPal payment in order to reserve your spot and make sure we have accurate numbers!

Cost: $15

Venmo: @therootedmethod
PayPal.Me/therootedmethod to reserve your spot.

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