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Full Moon Release Day Retreat

Are you ready to create the right mindset for your most bountiful year yet?


In this  one day workshop experience is about gaining clarity in and around the blocks in your life.  Your blocks can be anything from relationships, money, family, spirituality or creative endeavors in your life. Throughout the whole day you can expect to feel calm, refreshed, nourished and inspired through our guided body work, hiking, yoga and group clarity work. Our outdoor location in Mckinney Falls will give you the opportunity to be present with yourself and others.

What’s included:

  • Guided hike by Cristina from The Rooted Method

  • Guided discussion & Journaling  on prosperity from America 

  • Your own clarity and manifestation kit 

  • Bonfire releasing of negativity

  • Catered lunch by Curcuma


Mckinney Falls State Park ( Located in the heart of Austin) 


8:00 am- 5:00pm

About Cristina:

I am  the founder of The Rooted Method, a holistic camping retreat and workshop business. I believe strongly in the power of outdoor group camping experiences and the truths nature can offer us in life’s most challenging moments. America and I are thrilled to be partnering and leading you all in this powerful manifesting workshop in the heart of Austin.

About America:

#lifelonglearning, has always been my mantra. As an adult it's been my primary focus to keep learning, growing, become more self aware and be a better person. In 2014 the book " Aware" came into my life and I become hooked on positive mindset and daily affirmations. To top it all off, I became enthralled with the healing power of crystals as a tool for my intentions. ( I'm so Woo Woo!) Flash forward to now, I realized all of this can be so intimidating. What does each crystal do? How can I use them? When do I burn sage? It became my goal to make sense of it all in a simple, realistic way. In conjunction with positive affirmations, crystals have changed my life and I can't wait to share the magic with you all. If any of this resonates with you, please join us for this magical one day experience learning and growing in nature! #goodvibetribe 

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Total Number of Spots: 15