rewilding humans through transformative outdoor experiences.

Our experiences are designed to bring luxury service and education to wild spaces.



Our mission is to create an epic outdoor community of high-energy, passionate humans—with community being the key word. Our crew offers all the information, logistics, support and  outdoor education that you need to make camping and backpacking an enjoyable part of your life. You may find your guide breaking out the stereo to teach you some fun, authentic dance moves or bestowing trail names like Road Runner or Wild Yogi.  We aren’t afraid to be a little ridiculous.

Our goal is for you to disconnect from the demands of social media, your job or anything that you need to get away from in order to connect with blocks you from relating to people and nature on meaningful terms. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone else—just show up messy (or not) and ready to play in the wild wilderness.



Feeling too connected to your social apps? Come join us to experience the most high energy hiking community around.