"Very fun, educational and relaxing! Cristina is very knowledgeable about all things outdoors and makes everyone feel welcomed. Lot's of useful, helpful tips and her enthusiasm is to show everyone the love of the outdoors is very cool!"- Beth Ann 


"Cristina's beautifully planned trips give you the opportunity to unplug, connect to nature, have a fun adventure while also taking time to relax and reflect. . She did a great job at reading the group and making sure everyone was taken care of, and made it easy for everyone to be themselves. She is an incredible outdoor educator/guide and I will definitely be signing up for more trips with her in the future! Highly recommend these trips to anyone looking for more outdoor experiences and a way to meet more people who share similar interests."- Samara 


"Everything that you look for in your outdoor retreats. Cristina is the most passionate and knowledgeable guide I have ever had, which made the whole experience both rewarding and carefree. She does a great job of reading her group and catering to their needs. Our retreat was the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation."- Drew


"These retreats are such a great way to escape everyday life and disconnect in some beautiful places. Cristina plans everything for you, from the amazing (and healthy!) food to the breaks for journaling or simply sitting and watching the fire. She was willing to adapt her plans for spontaneous adventures (a polar plunge in a spring we happened upon!), which made it feel more like a trip with friends than anything else. While one night was amazing, I'm already looking at her upcoming trips for some longer adventures!" - Joran

"Cristina does a great job of communicating, planning, and encouraging us. I've met some great people on these trips whom I'd likely never run across. Its a great opportunity to get out socialize and just feel "real". Would recommend this any of my friends, family, or coworkers as a great opportunity to get back to their roots in nature through wholesome adventure, self improvement, health and nutrition."- Meghan