A four-week summer camp to find your community, connect to nature and raise your vibration.

June 6th- 29th | Austin, Texas

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It's time to raise your vibration.

You wake up each day feeling full and supported and clear. You know you are supported by your community, plant allies and most importantly, yourself. You have found a group of women who get you, who support your wild self and who are your sideline cheerleaders in life’s journey.

You start to feel and see the sychronisity and abundance showing up in your life because you’ve raised your vibration.

These are women you can actually just RELAX around.

You take a deep breath, smile, look up at the trees and feel your cup full because you know you are supported by the divine.

Your body feels more relaxed after breathing and meditating by the river and you are starting to connect to Mother Nature in ways you never thought possible.

You realize now that it’s about alignment not force. What if this could be the group of women you’ve always longed for?

Welcome to the Rooted Sisterhood where we amplify what’s possible in your life through ritual, in-person connection, mother nature and exploring outdoors.

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Three years ago I was sitting on my bedroom floor, drinking a bottle of wine by myself, crying and being so damn confused about how hard I was working yet feeling unfulfilled in a lot of areas of my life.

I was searching desperately for aligned friendships, clarity and support. Does that sound like you?

Are you tired of moving through the world in the efforting, goal-centered, climb-the-ladder way?

Are you looking for more deep connection with women sans alcohol?

Are you ready to find those type of friendships that help you raise your entire vibration?

Do you want to reclaim that natural rhythm that you as a human deserve to have?

I remember that time when I was desperately searching for those types of relationships.

All I wanted was to be outside with my friends because I knew that’s where life made sense to me.


In this four-week, in-person program you will leave with:

  • Soulful, intimate in-person friendships and connections in Austin with other like-minded women who want the same things as you
  • Intimate nature time to decompress and connect
  • Simple rituals to help you connect deeply with Mother Earth
  • A more relaxed body and mind
  • A sense of adventure that you feel in your bones
  • The support and lifelong connections of women who are trying to live in a more centered, conscious and connected world

Here’s what people are saying about The Rooted Method:

Cristina/ Rooted Retreats hosted such an amazing weekend with the Rewild Festival. She really knows how to create an environment that teaches you the importance of our connection with nature for overall health and a thriving life. I learned so much about self sustainability, backpacking/ camping skills, resiliency, outdoor play and how nature gives us all that we need. Thankful for the incredible message that Rooted Retreats is sharing and creating.
— Bridgette
Cristina’s beautifully planned trips give you the opportunity to unplug, connect to nature, have a fun adventure while also taking time to relax and reflect. She did a great job at reading the group and making sure everyone was taken care of, and made it easy for everyone to be themselves. She is an incredible outdoor educator/guide and I will definitely be signing up for more trips with her in the future! Highly recommend these trips to anyone looking for more outdoor experiences and a way to meet more people who share similar interests.
— Samara
Everything that you look for in your outdoor retreats. Cristina is the most passionate and knowledgeable guide I have ever had, which made the whole experience both rewarding and carefree. She does a great job of reading her group and catering to their needs. Our retreat was the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.
— Drew
Cristina does a great job of communicating, planning, and encouraging us. I’ve met some great people on these trips whom I’d likely never run across. It’s a great opportunity to get out socialize and just feel “real.” Would recommend this any of my friends, family, or coworkers as a great opportunity to get back to their roots in nature through wholesome adventure, self improvement, health and nutrition.
— Meghan

What can you expect out of this program?

  • Themed Weeks with guided prompts for reflection during and after our meetings. We know that life happens and you may not be able to make a meeting or two, thats why I've designed it so you have up to eight touch points for in-person interaction throughout the month. Everyone who signs up for this program is also welcome to come to my other weekly meditative hikes at no additional charge!

Week One: Rewilding in Mind, Body & Spirit

Week Two: The Alchemy of Belonging & Sisterhood

Week Three: Ritual and Manifestation

Week Four: The Divine Within

  • Up to 9 opportunities to be in nature
  • A half-day catered adventure with lunch and a full ceremony
  • Free access to the hikes and meditations I lead outside of The Rooted Sisterhood
  • An entire resource list of my most recommended reading and listening materials

Price: $250



  • Women who are looking to develop a more spiritual experience with Mother Nature.

  • Women who are sober, sober curious or just looking for more friends who don’t drink often.

  • Women who sit behind a computer all day for work and want to connect with other like-minded people.

  • Women who want to learn manifestation principles and practices so they can receive from the universe.

  • Women who want to change the story they tell about themselves and the world.

  • Women who want to add more wild into their lives.


I promise that if you step into Mother Nature’s gifts, you won’t have to force so much and you can start to flow.

Click below to enroll now or book a call with me if you have questions.


Enroll before Monday June 3rd at 5pm to reserve your spot!


Remember that you deserve a rich, connected, meaningful and turned-on life. Come join in nature’s magic with me and your sisters on June 6th.



Do I need to have any outdoor or nature-related experience?

Not at all! I’ve carefully curated my offering to serve any level of nature knowledge or experience.


What if I can’t make a meeting or two?

No worries! As long as you can make a few of them, you will reap the rewards of this program. We all know life happens and that’s why there are five opportunities to meet at length throughout the month. Each woman also gets access to my Tuesday night nature meditaitons at no additional cost.This means that there are up to 9 opportuniites for nature gatherings throughout the three and half weeks.

If you want to come to all of the meetings for the information to sink in better, spend more time in nature and bond more with each other you are MORE than welcome to come to all 9 gatherings!  

What will our half-day adventure be like at the end of the month?

This will be to one of my secret nature spots an hour outside of Austin! We will caravan together and I’ll bring my blankets, pillows and picnic provided by Curcuma. Your lunch and snacks will be provided for that day. I will also guide the group through a closing nature ritual and ceremony for our four weeks together. This is unlike any outdoor experience you’ve ever had!


What times or days will we be meeting?

Thursdays will be our more formal and reflective gatherings. Tuesdays will be added in as bonus opportuniites to meet in nature together. It is structured this way so if you miss a couple of the Thursday gatherings, you can still gather in nature on Tuesdays from 6:30- 8:00 pm

Thursday June 6th - 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Thursday June 13th- 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Thursday June 20th - 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Thursday June 27th- 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Saturday June 29th- 10:00am - 4:00pm - Half Day Retreat in nature location outside of Austin.

We all know that life happens, that's why the month is designed for maximum flexibility. Even if you can only make two or three meetings, it will still be worth your time. Each participant will recieve their guided reflections for the week even if they can't make a couple gatherings.


How many women are in this program?

There will be a maximum of 15 women in this program.



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Rewilding for Women