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Rewild Retreats

Heal from western civilization through our multi-night experiences in West Texas and Ketchum, Idaho. Put simply, rewild retreats are designed to reconnect you into into your most intuitive self. Everything--from food, gear, permits, activity planning--is already planned upon your arrival. All you have to do is show up. No prior outdoor experience necessary.

What you can expect: gourmet food from Curcuma, waterfall meditation, spontaneous dance parties, mountaintop yoga, star gazing, beginner-to intermediate level hiking, bathing in hot springs, primal play, and introduction into an intimate nature community with your fellow travelers.

Upcoming community Rewild Retreats:

February 20th-24th - Desert Dreams in West, Texas

May 8th- 12th- Desert Dreams in West,Texas

August 6th- 12th- Inspiring Idaho Rewild Retreat

Disconnect to Connect. Take away the temptation of technology.

Wild Healing Workshops

Learn nature’s cures within the comforts of Austin. Each workshop showcases a specific aspect of how the wild heals us. We’ll give you the tools, support, and connect with you nature experts in the fields of herbalism, lunar cycles, edible plant walks, crystals, wilderness therapy, plant-based cooking, and nature meditations. Open to anyone with no prior experience necessary.

Please check our calendar or sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of these exciting opportunities. These workshops are currently exclusive to Austin, Texas.

Private Group Experiences

Reconnect your organization, small business, or small close-knit group with a personal bridge to nature. You will receive a curated, one-of-a-kind event completely customizable to your liking hosted by a team of experienced outdoorsmen in both the therapeutic and adventure aspects of nature. Your experience can range from a half-day to three-day event.

    • Here is just a short list of possible activities and offerings you can choose for your private Rooted event:

      • Beginner-to-Intermediate Level Hiking

      • Meditative Plant Walks

      • Technology Detox Programming

      • Mountaintop Yoga

      • Gourmet Plant-Based Meals

      • Primal Dance Parties

      • Star-Gazing Meditation

      • Rejuvenating Hot Springs

      • Journal Sessions With Nature-Themed Prompts

      • Resilience Training

      • Done-For-You Camping

      • Nature Goodie Bags

Please contact at least two months in advance telling us a little bit more about your vision for your group. There is almost nothing our team can’t provide. Our team will deliver the most magical outdoor experience for you.

The Austin Rewild Festival

The Second Annual Austin Rewild Festival will be happening in October 2019. This festival is a two- day experience that allows participants to rewild in mind, body and spirit. Participants can choose from over 10 speakers and hands on educational  sessions on the topics of herbalism, nature therapy, energy healing, outdoor skills, plant identification, outdoor cooking and so much more. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on instagram to stay in the loop. Early bird specials will go on sale in June 2019.